Issue 1 September, 2015

Welcome to the first Issue of CTB e-magazine.

As you can see from the topics listed, our new e-magazine gives you plenty to read about, as it covers everything from Tier 4 technology to latest updates to QuickServe® Online. Plus, you will find features about Cummins-powered equipment, product profiles, parts and service updates. I hope this all comes together to provide you with a clearer picture of how we can help you support your customers.

You may already be familiar with the Cummins ToolBox name, associated with our Forward to Final web site introduced for dealer use about a year ago. We have linked CTB e-magazine and the web site because they serve the same purpose — to help you sell, learn about and support our Tier 4 Final and Interim products.

While we recognize that having the best technology in the industry is key, equally important is having the best-supported dealer network. That’s our goal. And we are vigorously undertaking initiatives to achieve that. Dependability is Cummins single most important attribute, and we know that our dealers play a major role in sustaining that brand promise to our customers.

So, I will leave you to browse through CTB. If there is anything you need to know in more depth not covered in this issue, talk to your local Cummins distributor, who will be pleased to answer your questions. Feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions about CTB at


Tried And Tested: Tier 4 Final

Photo of a snow groomer

+150,000 Hours.

Cummins Tier 4 Final field-test program accumulated over 150,000 hours to ensure that our engines were fully proven before the start of production. Initiated in 2012, the program included nearly 70 machines, encompassing the toughest duty cycles. The equipment was operated on sites selected specifically to cover the most challenging conditions, from the high heat of Texas to the extreme cold of a Canadian winter.

The field-test program went beyond typical wheel-loader and excavator endurance test cycles to cover a wide variety of specialized equipment that included a snow groomer at very high altitude in the Alps, a container handler working high hours on the port side and a rock drill working on a mine site in very dusty, abrasive conditions.

Photo of a construction site

Up To 10% Lower Fuel Use.

Overall results from the field-test program indicate that Cummins Tier 4 Final technology lowered fuel consumption by up to 10 percent compared with that of an equivalent Tier 3 machine, dependent on duty cycle and application.

Cummins field-test work has paid close attention to minimizing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption. Results showed that DEF is typically dosed at just 3 percent to 4 percent of diesel by volume.

Cummins QSX15 engine

Tier 4 Customer Field Test


How It Works: SCR

NOx Reduction Technology.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment has been adopted throughout the engine industry to meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations above 74 hp (55 kW). So, how does SCR work to reduce emissions?

The first thing to make clear is Cummins takes a balanced approach to nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction by using cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on the engine to work in combination with the SCR aftertreatment. In this way, both the engine and SCR function more easily and allow fuel consumption to be better optimized. Adding SCR for Tier 4 Final also enables the amount of EGR flow to be reduced compared to Tier 4 Interim, putting the engine in a wider combustion 'sweet spot'.

Cummins QSB4.5, QSB6.7, and QSL9 engines

Unique Selling Proposition

Cummins SCR system uses only 3 percent to 4 percent of DEF to fuel consumed, depending on duty-cycle.

Cummins SCR Aftertreatment

EGR and SCR gives best possible control of NOx
at all engine loads and exhaust temperatures

  • Ability to fully optimize power and response
  • Lower fuel consumption and DEF dosing rates
Learn More About
Cummins SCR

How It Works: SCR

NOx Reduction Technology.

While any discussion about SCR can quickly turn into a chemistry lesson, in terms of real-world operation the system is transparent to the operator, requiring only refilling of the DEF tank when required to achieve near-zero NOx emissions.

Cummins SCR is a robust design strengthened for the highest vibration and shock loadings experienced by off-highway equipment — and will last the life of the engine without any scheduled maintenance. Latest insulation techniques maintain optimum temperature throughout the system.

Your Cummins Distributor can help you source DEF, or these sites can help you find DEF supply locations

Unique Selling Proposition

DOC-SCR aftertreatment is designed and manufactured
by Cummins for a better integrated solution.

Cummins SCR Aftertreatment


Exhaust flow with reduced NOx removed by cooled EGR


Clean exhaust with near-zero NOx and PM


Cummins Central Power

Map of United States showing Cummins distributor regions
Photo of Blake Meyer receiving operator training

Distributor Profile.

The North American market is served by a network of 15 Cummins distributors. In this issue, we put the spotlight on Cummins Central Power (CCP).

CCP invests in providing employees with the right tools and equipment for every job. Here, 35-year veteran technician Blake Meyer receives operator training on the newest field-service vehicle.

Cummins Central Power is headquartered in Omaha, Neb., and is the authorized distributorship for Cummins parts and service in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Cummins has the right power solution, and CCP can take care of it, with 12 full-service branches and an engine integration center.

The branches are conveniently located throughout CCP territory, stocked with Genuine Cummins parts and staffed with highly trained and certified technicians to ensure that dealers get the highest-quality experience possible. At CCP, we understand that our dealers rely on us to help them get the job done, whether it’s a parts shipment that needs to get there on time, or expert service support that’s provided when and where it is needed.

Training Capability.

Our training center, located within our Kansas City, Mo., branch, was designed with the most effective layout to provide hands-on training; our classrooms contain state-of-the-art technology and laboratories that feature running engine modules for rebuilding and demonstration. Classes are conducted by a factory-qualified instructor, and sized and monitored to ensure a proper student-to-instructor ratio in order to provide personalized, performance-based training for all students.

Cummins Central Power Contacts.

Engine Training Tammy Crouch
Engine Training Administrator
Kansas City, MO 816-414-8283
OEM Sales Cam Eiseman
Director-Engine Sales
Kansas City, MO 816-414-8229
Justin Sample
Industrial Business Leader
Des Moines, IA 515-564-1540
Warranty Randi Ruark
Warranty Manager
Kansas City, MO 816-414-8253
Gene Anderson
Warranty Administrator
Omaha, NE 402-551-7678
Dealer Support Mike Freese
Vice President of Parts
Omaha, NE 402-551-7678

Cummins Central Power

Justin Sample

Cummins Central Power has a dedicated OEM team focused on meeting the needs of a wide range of equipment manufacturers located within the territory. Engines and systems are provided for equipment as varied as yard spotters, cranes, crushers and crop sprayers, together with pavers, skid-steer loaders, telehandlers, trenchers, all-terrain vehicles and harvesters.

"Our goal is to add value to our OEM products, and help their business succeed by providing reliable, durable and cost-effective power solutions, as well as offering installation engineering and manufacturing services," said Justin Sample, Industrial Business Leader – Cummins Central Power.

"Cummins Central Power has developed strong relationships with our OEM customers over a long time period, and that advantage has transferred over to our strong off-highway dealer network. With 167 certified technicians both in-shop and in the field, we have the resources to support dealers and equipment operators across our territory."

"We see it as a priority to help educate the off-highway dealers in our area about Tier 4 products and their operation, so that they can assist in teaching the basics to operators and ensure customer satisfaction," added Sample.

Cummins Central Power logo

Central Power Resources

Branches: 12

Certified Technicians: 167

Field-Service Trucks: 55

Off-Highway Certified Dealers: 21

Photo of Cummins Central Power truck Assorted Cummins Central Power logos

Powered By Cummins: Vermeer

Photo of RTX1250 Rock Wheel

RTX1250 Rock Wheel

.09m depth/8.2mt wt QSB4.5, 120 hp

Photo of RTX550 Utility Work Microtrencher

RTX550 Utility Work Microtrencher

1.5m depth/3.5mt wt B3.3, 65 hp

Photo of CT1010TX tracked compost turner

CT1010TX tracked compost turner 3m wide

elevating face QSB6.7 225 hp

Photo of BC1500 Brush Chipper

BC1500 Brush Chipper QSB4.5, 130 hp

Photo of FT300 Land Clearing And Forestry Mulcher

FT300 Land Clearing And Forestry Mulcher

QSL9 Tier 4 Final, 300 hp

Photo of TR620 Organic Recycling Trommel

TR620 Organic Recycling Trommel

triple screen 5m3 hopper 19 mt wt, QSB3.3 120 hp

Learn More About The QSB4.5 Brush Chipper
Vermeer logo Cummins Central Power logo

Vermeer® Corp manufactures underground construction, surface mining, tree care, environmental and agricultural equipment. Vermeer is headquartered in Pella, Iowa, with regional offices in Brazil, the Netherlands and Singapore and additional manufacturing facilities in South Dakota and Tianjin, China. It has more than 600 dealers located around the world.

Cummins Central Power powers many types of equipment made by Vermeer. That success is due to an expanded product line, along with the engineering value that Central Power brings for turnkey installations by working closely with the OEM. With CCP's close proximity and commitment to the customer, Vermeer views the Cummins Central Power team as a preferred supplier.


Powered By Cummins: Vermeer

BC1500 Brush Chipper
QSB4.5 T4 Interim

BC1550 Bush Chipper
Vermeer logo

Equipment Specifications

The Vermeer BC1500 brush chipper uses a precision-balanced 22.5" (57.2 cm) drum with two 5" x 8" (12.7 cm x 20.3 cm) A8 double-sided knives to chip through material up to 15" (38.1 cm).

Easily lifts material up to 2000 lbs/907 kg with the optional hydraulic winch. Provides operator safety with a 67.4"/171 cm long feed table for extra distance and exclusive bottom-feed stop-bar system.

Because no two job sites are alike, and there are unrelenting elements to contend with, arborists need a brush chipper that doesn't just show up, but also works. Powered by a Tier 4 Interim 130-hp Cummins diesel engine, the BC1500 can handle the toughest materials with ease.

Cummins QSB4.5 engine Cummins logo

Engine Specifications

Model Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 4 Interim
Configuration 4-cylinder cooled EGR
Aftertreatment Cummins Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
Gross Horsepower 130 hp (97 kW)
Torque (Max) 459 ft-lb (622 N•m)
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 gallons
Max Fuel Consumption 7 gph
Air Cleaner 2-stage dry/safety element
Oil Filter Spin-on
Recommended Oil API CC/CD
Oil Volume with Filter 21qt (20 liters)
Coolant Capacity
(Engine & Radiator)
7.1 gallons

Powered By Cummins: GEHL

Photo of a telehandler at work Gehl logo

Cummins Central Power worked closely with Gehl® engineers to integrate the QSF3.8 engine into the latest RS Series GEN:2 telehandlers.

"We were delighted to work with Gehl at its state-of-the-art research and development center in West Bend to power six models in Gehl's impressive GEN:2 telehandler lineup," said Fred Venhoff, Vice President – Engine Business, at Cummins Central Power. "The results of that engineering collaboration can be seen with an impressive lineup of highly productive Tier 4 Final machines," he added.

According to Gehl, the new telehandlers deliver
a 6 percent increase in peak engine torque and
5 percent lower fuel consumption compared with
those of their Tier 4 Interim predecessors.

Photo of the Gehl headquarters building

For Gehl, it all began in a small blacksmith shop in West Bend, Wis. From that humble beginning, the Gehl Co. has grown to be a major force in the compact equipment industry worldwide.

Cummins QSF3.8 engine

Rated at 120 hp in the RS Series GEN:2, the QSF3.8 achieves a peak torque of 360 lb-ft, providing high lift capacity at up to a 41-foot forward reach.

QSF3.8 Powered
RS Series GEN:2

Telescopic handlers Download GEHL RS Series
GEN:2 Brochure

Compact Engine Incentive Program

Cummins Tier 4 Final engines

Introduced for Tier 4 Final, the QSF2.8 and QSF3.8 are entering the market with increasing volumes. The QSF engines replace the B3.3 and QSB3.3 engines used for Tier 4 Interim, but cover a broader power range and bring more installation opportunities with more OEMs. The QSB4.5 engine needs no introduction, as it continues to be one of the most popular 4-cylinder high-output engines used by many OEMs.

Find out about our temporary QSF engine qualification –

Learn More

Tier 4 Dealer Certification

Are you interested in becoming a Cummins-certified dealer for our Tier 4 Final QSF2.8, QSF3.8 and QSB4.5 compact engines? If so, now is the time to take advantage of an incentive program that runs through Dec. 31, 2015. The program provides incentives in order to reduce the costs associated with obtaining the appropriate tools, technical information and training for those products.

Cummins is focused on providing repair-level dealer certification with the program, which covers repairs to all external components on the engine, including fuel system and electronic controls. The external repairs are typically far more frequent service events than those of repairs to internal components, which are authorized only for Cummins full-service dealers.

The incentive program offers an allowance of as much as $9,883 for those Tier 4 Final engines under certain conditions. Speak to your Cummins distributor for details.

Maximum Tier 4 Incentives
Tier 4 Certification Tools/Training/
QSF2.8 QSF3.8 QSB4.5 $12,652
QSB4.5 only
(Tier 4 Interim & Final)
QSF2.8 & QSF3.8 only
(Tier 4 Final)

Maximum incentives allowances are covered, assuming a new dealer with no prior certification. Final incentive allowance will be determined by the Cummins distributor. Dealers are expected to cover additional certification costs. For full terms, contact your distributor.

Program Value Includes:
  1. One year of QuickServe® Online (QSOL)/Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) bundle and INSITE™ service support subscriptions
  2. Required and Cummins-specific tools, plus an INLINE™ 6 adaptor kit
  3. Five-day training: a combination of online Cummins Virtual College and classroom work
No required signage at facility
No mandatory parts stocking

Compact Engine Incentive Program

Temporary QSF Qualification, In Just Five Hours!

Due to a higher-than-expected demand for QSF2.8 and QSF3.8 classroom training, Cummins has initiated a temporary engine training qualification that can be earned through an online training course. The aim is to rapidly increase the number of trained technicians ready to cover the increasing numbers of equipment with those engines, the QSF3.8 with JLG, Gehl and soon other leading OEMs.

If the Cummins common (all-engines) course has already been completed, the technician will have to complete only 5.2 hours of online training at Cummins Virtual College to achieve temporary qualification for the QSF3.8 engine.

Maximum duration of the temporary engine training qualification: 180 days
Deadline for dealers to sign on for the online temporary training program: Nov. 1, 2015
Deadline for completion of hands-on, in-class training for full qualification: Dec. 31, 2015

Contact your Cummins distributor for details.

Learning Time
2165 QSF3.8 CM2350 F107 Introduction 40 0.8 hours Online
2166 QSF3.8 CM2350 F107 Industrial SCR Aftertreatment 41 1.3 hours Online
2050 QSF3.8 Engine Fuel 37 0.6 hours Online
2051 QSF3.8 Engine Lubrication 38 0.7 hours Online
2052 QSF3.8 Engine Cooling 36 0.3 hours Online
2053 QSF3.8 Engine Air Handling 35 0.2 hours Online
2054 QSF3.8 Base Engine 34 0.6 hours Online
2055 QSF3.8 Base Engine Maintenance 39 0.7 hours Online
Total   5.2 hours  
Cummins Virtual College Online Standard
Learning Time
Cummins Common
All Engine Course
16.6 Hours
QSF2.8 Unique Training Course 4.7 Hours
QSF3.8 Unique Training Course 5.2 Hours

Dealer Diagnostic Support

Dealer Diagnostic Support (DDS).

Cummins provides you with assistance for every repair, in warranty or out of warranty. Certified Cummins dealer locations can call for Dealer Diagnostic Support (DDS) on out-of-warranty repairs seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. in their local time zones. All it takes is one toll-free call to 1-800-832-4282. For in warranty support, RAPIDSERVE™ is available.

For faster assistance, callers should have the following information ready:

  • Contact information for the dealer technician (name, promotion ID, phone number and e-mail address)
  • Basic Cummins engine information (Engine Serial Number (ESN) and mileage or hours)
  • Documented troubleshooting and repair steps, including values and measurements
  • Current INSITE™ job image from the engine (for electronically controlled engines)

Of course, your local Cummins distributor is always available to handle questions beyond diagnostics support.

Photo of a Cummins Dealer Diagnostic Support representative
Mobile phone

Fast Assistance When You Need It.

7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (all time zones)

Toll-free: (800) 832-4282

The helpline enables certified dealers to quickly identify repair steps and get their customers’ equipment up and running faster. By making a toll-free call from anywhere in North America, our dealers can access expert repair advice and assistance with engine troubleshooting. Out-of-warranty repairs are handled by the Dealer Diagnostic Support (DDS) team, while in-warranty repairs are dealt with by RAPIDSERVE. These initiatives demonstrate how we are committed to providing our dealers with the best support in the engine industry.


Use Your ToolBox

Cummins Forward to Final Toolbox app icon Apple App Store icon Google Play store icon

Cummins Forward to Final ToolBox is waiting for you to access the information you need to sell and support your Cummins engines. It's easy to find, to download and use.

The Cummins Forward to Final ToolBox can be downloaded at either the Apple App Store for use on Apple phones or the Google Play Store for Android phones.

Return To The
ToolBox Website
Cummins Forward to Final Toolbox app welcome screen

Once downloaded, type in your
email address to register.

Cummins Forward to Final Toolbox app menu screen

Ready to use.

Made for our dealers.

Information to help you SELL Cummins Tier 4 power in your machines

LEARN about engine and aftertreatment operations, lamps, DEF and more

Materials you can SHARE with your customers

A new section so you can LOOK at what's new at Cummins by accessing the CTB e-magazine


QSOL Latest

Quickserve® Online.

Cummins is pleased to announce the release of the QuickServe Online mobile app for Apple® iOS and Android™ devices.

Have you ever wanted to know which part options and parts are available for an engine? Do you want to know the engine dataplate information? Do you need to know what a fault code means, which codes are dependent on it and which one to fix first? We have the solutions for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The QuickServe Online mobile app provides easy access to all the information you need. Just enter an Engine Serial Number (ESN), and the information is at your fingertips, anywhere you have cellular or Internet access. Best of all, it's free.

Once you enter an ESN, you will have access to the following features:

  • Engine dataplate information
  • Parts catalog for your specific engine
  • Fault code analyzer
    (for electronic engines)
Cummins QuickServe Online mobile app icon

Free Download

Apple App Store icon Google Play store icon

To download, search within the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™ Stores for "QuickServe Mobile," or click the image on the page for direct access.

Cummins QuickServe Online mobile app start screen Cummins QuickServe Online mobile app info screen

QSOL Latest

QuickServe® Online Engine Calibration.

Have you ever needed the latest engine calibration, but didn't have access to the correct INCAL™ Calibration DVD? You can now download the latest calibrations from QuickServe Online just by using the Engine Serial Number (ESN) — whenever and wherever you need them.

QuickServe Online mobile app screen QuickServe Online mobile app screen QuickServe Online mobile app screen
Step 1: Enter your ESN Step 2: Select the related information tab located within the Service area section Step 3: Select calibration downloads and enter the Electronic Control Module (ECM) code

Going Beyond 500 Hours.

Going Beyond 500 Hours.

All Cummins Tier 4 engines come with a standard 500-hour oil and filter change interval. The interval is based on the average duty cycle and anticipated oil contamination rates for engines using the recommended oil and filter types.

There is a direct relationship between a more severe duty cycle or very dusty conditions with increased oil deterioration. A harder-working engine consuming more fuel introduces fine contaminants into the oil, and correlates to more engine wear. Machines spending a higher percentage of time at idle or with lower load factors will maintain the oil grade for longer.

Contamination can be identified by undertaking regular oil analysis, and the results will indicate if the engine needs to maintain the standard 500-hour change or may be able to safely extend the change interval to as many as 1,000 hours and beyond.

The opportunity to extend oil change intervals will be of interest to many operators, as even the savings achieved by a 600-hour interval will more than pay for the oil-analysis monitoring.

Extended oil-change intervals:

Regular oil analysis determines whether oil quality remains stable enough
(depending on duty cycle) for extended intervals.

Regardless of change interval...

  1. Check the oil level daily.
  2. Use the Cummins-recommended oil type.
  3. Use high-quality oil, such as Valvoline®
  4. Use high-quality oil filters, such as Fleetguard,® and
    change as needed, to reduce oil contamination.
Chart of oil performance declining over time
Oil sample test

How to sample

You may click below to learn about sampling oil. Many oil-analysis services are available in the market, but you are welcome to first connect with your Cummins distributor, who will be able to offer expert guidance.

Learn To Sample
Engine Oil

Thinking ReCon®

Thinking ReCon®.

When your customer needs to replace an engine coming to the end of its working life, we have the best-value solution to keep the equipment up and running. Cummins ReCon engines are completely remanufactured, and incorporate the latest upgrades in materials and design, so customers receive an engine that delivers great performance and reliability, every time.

When purchasing a ReCon engine, the original engine core has a value that will be credited against the purchase of the ReCon engine. And considering the warranty assurances that come with a Cummins ReCon engine, that may just be the best choice.

Cummins Remanufacturing Process


Returning the core is a simple and environmentally responsible choice, as waste is reduced that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Core engines and parts are completely disassembled and processed for use in lasting, reliable equipment repairs.


Debris is removed using the latest cleaning technology, to ensure that no metal is stripped away.


State-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical processes are used to ensure that Cummins stringent standards are met.


Highly trained people, controlled processes and sophisticated equipment are utilized to restore each part and engine back to original factory specifications.


Critical attributes are tested to eliminate slight variances, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Cummins ReCon Engine Advantages.

  • Fully remanufactured to the latest Cummins performance standards to meet or exceed original performance specifications
  • 100 percent Genuine Cummins new or ReCon parts used for highest quality and durability
  • Every engine is tested at the Cummins remanufacturing plant before shipping
  • Low-cost or no-cost uprates, for more horsepower and newer technology
  • No-hassle engine core acceptance based on a simple visual inspection, with no disassembly and no surprise billbacks for any internal operational failures, including broken or seized crankshafts
  • Fast turnaround, to get you back on the job quickly
  • The best warranty in the business, backed by Cummins global service and warranty network
  • Extended coverage plans available

Tier 4 Final At A Glance

Cummins engine QSF2.8


49-74 hp
(37-55 kW)

Cummins engine QSF3.8


74-132 hp
(55-98 kW)

Cummins engine QSB4.5


121-173 hp
(90-129 kW)

Cummins engine QSL9


230-400 hp
(172-298 kW)

Cummins engine QSG12


WT (no EGR)
335-512 hp
(250-382 kW)

Cummins engine QSX15


450-675 hp
(335-503 kW)

Seal logo for Cummins Tier 4 Final: The Right Technology

EGR = Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation

VGT™ = Cummins variable-geometry turbocharger

WT = Wastegate turbocharger

DOC = Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter

SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction

*DOC only at 74 hp/SRC only for certain applications


Tier 4 Final At A Glance – QSB6.7

Cummins engine QSB6.7
Power Output 146–310 hp (109–231 kW)
Peak Torque 770 lb-ft (1044 N•m)
Engine Weight (Wet) 1,146 lbs (520 kg)
Aftertreatment Weight ~ 180 lbs (82 kg)
Fuel System Electronic High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) Fuel System
Air Intake Cummins Direct Flow Air Cleaner
Turbo Cummins VGT™ Turbocharger
Emissions Control EGR + DOC + SCR
Electronics ECM 2350
Crankcase Filter Open Crankcase Ventilation
Fuel Efficiency Up to 10% improvement over Tier 3

Cummins Direct Flow™ Air Cleaner

Cummins Direct Flow Air Cleaner



Side view of Cummins engine QSB6.7

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for Final 2014

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

Cummins Particulate Filter (above 174 hp 2011)

Cummins Compact Catalyst (below 174 hp 2012)

Cummins Particulate Filter and Cummins Compact Catalyst
  • High-Pressure Injection (HPI) fuel system provides superior efficiency for better fuel economy
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Stronger engine, peak torque increased from Tier 4 Interim, up to 770 lb-ft (1044 N•m)
  • Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) rebalanced with lower flow over that of Tier 4 Interim
  • Excellent resale value
  • Class-leading output, power density and transient response
  • Global service and support, with a network of over 6,600 distributor and dealer locations in 190 countries
  • 24/7/365 support by calling Cummins Care at 1-800-DIESELS™ (1-800-343-7357)
  • Proven aftertreatment solution to meet EPA Tier 4 Final regulations
  • Smaller space claim, no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) needed
Forward To Final.

Our 6.7-liter is the most popular and widely used engine built by Cummins. Over many years, it has established itself as the "standard of the industry" that all other midrange competitive engines aspire to match. None ever has, as evidenced by the fact that the QSB6.7 is used by more OEMs, in more applications and in more countries than any other engine in its power category. And does any other engine in its class work harder, for longer? No. It's a rock-solid performer.

Evolution: Almost no engine change from Interim to Final other than enhanced electronics and a lower EGR loading. The typical fuel saving at Interim improves by an additional 3 percent to 5 percent.

The Interim DPF evolves to a DOC-SCR, using DEF at typically 3 percent to 4 percent of fuel consumed.


Tier 4 Engine Tear-Down

Durability Proves Equal To Tier 3.

Cummins recently announced the results of a Tier 4 Interim engine tear-down inspection, undertaken to assess in-service durability and achievable life-to-overhaul compared with the Tier 3 version of the engine. The disassembly and in-depth examination of a QSL9 engine at close to 10,000 operating hours revealed the major components, fuel system, turbocharger and block to be in near-perfect condition after three years of operation in a heavy lift-and-carry application.

"Cummins design philosophy is to utilize only proven technologies and components that we know will meet the in-service reliability and long-term durability demanded for the toughest equipment applications, and the advantage of taking that approach is reflected in the impressive results of this QSL9 Tier 4 tear-down inspection," said Hugh Foden, Executive Director – Cummins Off-Highway Business.

The Cummins engineers who conducted the tear-down inspection concluded that the Tier 4 Interim-compliant QSL9 was capable of achieving up to 20,000 hours of operation before an engine overhaul may have been expected — equal to that of a Tier 3 version of the engine working on a similar duty cycle. The evaluation confirms that Tier 4 engines with low-emissions technology provide the same inherent durability as demonstrated by their simpler Tier 3 engine predecessors.

Upon inspection, the QSL9 engine was in such good condition after nearly 10,000 hours of operation that it could have been reassembled and returned to service without any component change or maintenance intervention.

Learn More About The
Tier 4 Tear-Down

20,000 Hour
Life-to-Overhaul Achievable

Rated at 350 hp (261 kW), the QSL9 engine selected for the durability assessment had required only standard servicing during the three years of operation, with no repair work or unscheduled maintenance ever needed.


Tier 4 Engine Tear-Down

230 Measures.

The durability evaluation procedure for the QSL9 was extremely rigorous, with over 230 specific measurements and values taken from the stripped-out components.

Before the tear-down inspection, the QSL9 was tested on a range of performance factors such as power delivery, fuel consumption, emissions and torque, to prove that the engine remained within acceptable tolerance levels of the original production specification.

Like their Tier 3 predecessors, Cummins Tier 4 Final engines are designed with rebuild potential, to enable an easier and lower-cost overhaul. A further benefit is that the Tier 4 engines do not require any specific midlife maintenance intervention. Cummins exhaust aftertreatment systems are equally robust, protected against the most severe shock loads and designed to achieve the same life as the engine.

QSL9 Cummins 9-liter engine offers an ideal platform for a durability comparison, as the base engine has remained almost identical during the transition from Tier 3 (Stage IIIA) to Tier 4 Interim (Stage IIIB) and to the Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) version. The engine is utilized in demanding applications varying from excavators and wheel loaders to crawler cranes, snow groomers and reach stackers.

20,000 Hour
Life-to-Overhaul Achievable

After nearly 10,000 hours of operation, the QSL9 engine could have been reassembled and returned to service without any component change or maintenance intervention.


Versatile Supply Agreement

Tier 4 Final Engines for Versatile.®

On May 13, 2015, Cummins Inc. and Buhler Industries Inc. announced that they had extended their global long-term engine supply agreement, including Tier 4 Final QSB6.7, QSL9, QSG12 and QSX15 engines for Versatile tractors in the North American market.

"The agriculture business is important to Cummins, and is a growing business. Relationships with customers such as Versatile are paramount to continued success," said Hugh Foden, Executive Director – Cummins Off-Highway Engine Business.

"Versatile and Cummins have a long history of partnership dating back nearly 50 years, from the launch of the first mass-produced articulated four-wheel drive tractor in 1966, and we look forward to continue that partnership long into the future."

Cummins diesel engines supply power to the full lineup of Versatile agriculture products, including row crop, 4-wheel drive, DeltaTrack and scraper tractors, combines and sprayers.

Buhler Industries President Dmitry Lyubimov said that this agreement represents a commitment to Versatile dealers and customers: "Versatile has used Cummins engines for nearly 50 years. The Cummins engine is closely associated with the Versatile brand, recognized for power and reliability. We can focus on developing the products for our customers in North America and around the world, working on the appropriate technology solutions with Cummins as our engine partner."

The partnership has been an important part of Cummins product evolution, as Versatile has been an integral partner in developing, testing and launching Tier 4 Final engines.

"The Cummins engine is closely associated with the
Versatile brand, recognized for power and reliability."

Photo of a Versatile tractor
Versatile logo

Support Network.

The network is composed of 240 dealers and branches: Versatile dealers have factory-trained technicians who can handle everything from routine scheduled maintenance to major service and overhauls. All Versatile dealers have access to the latest service information and knowledge from Versatile and Cummins, and are highly regarded by their farming customers for their expert knowledge.


Versatile Supply Agreement

Photo of DeltaTrack model

DeltaTrack Models, QSX15 Tier 4 Interim

450 hp to 550 hp (336-410 kW)

Photo of 4WD tractor

4WD Tractors, QSX15 & QSX11.9 Tier 4 Interim

350 hp to 550 hp (324-410 kW)

Photo of MFWD tractor

MFWD Tractors, QSL9 Tier 4 Interim

260 hp to 310 hp (194-231 kW)

Photo of SX sprayer

SX Sprayers, QSB6.7 Tier 4 Interim

240 hp to 280 hp (179-209 kW)

Photo of Combine model

Combine, QSX 11.9 Tier 4 Interim

490 hp (365 kW)

Photo of  Scraper Tractor

Scraper Tractors, QSX11.9 Tier 4 Interim

435 hp to 550 hp (324-410 kW)

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About Versatile Tier 4.

In the field, Versatile tractors have an enviable reputation for strong performance and dependability, with Cummins 6.7- to 15-liter engines powering the Tier 4 Interim lineup with higher torque and an increased power bulge compared with that of Tier 3.

Versatile tractors with Tier 4 Final Cummins engines have been extensively field-tested, and are ready to enter the market, with the new QSG12 replacing the QSX11.9.

Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. (TSX: BUI), is the only Canadian manufacturer of agricultural tractors. The factory in Winnipeg, Manitoba, covers almost 700,000 square feet, with complete manufacturing and assembly capabilities and full research-and-development facilities.

1966 – Versatile founded

1977 – Sold to Cornat Industries Inc.

1987 – Sold to Ford New Holland

1993 – Ford New Holland became New Holland

2000 – Sold to Buhler Industries Inc.

2007 – Sold to Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd.

2008 – The Versatile name returns

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Showtime: ICUEE

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Louisville, Ky., Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2015

Cummins will exhibit at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) this fall, with a lineup of Tier 4 Final engines and forward-looking technology.

It's the largest off-highway event in North America this year, covering more than 25 acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits with construction, utility, transportation and recycling equipment on show. So, if you are heading to ICUEE, make sure to put the Cummins booth on your show planner. Our team at the show will be pleased to provide an engine walkaround and talk about operation and maintenance features.

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From The Archives

Vintage Cummins logo

Pioneering the Diesel Shovel.

The 104 Power Shovel, built by Northwest Engineering, was one of the earliest earth-moving machines to offer a lower-cost diesel alternative to steam power, using the 4-cylinder 9.3-liter Cummins Model F with 50 hp which was installed in 1925.

It was Cummins first engine installation into mobile off-highway equipment, following on from marine and stationary power application after the foundation of the company in 1919. The tough working conditions of the cable shovel led Cummins to make rapid progress in developing more robust engine designs.

Northwest Engineering later became the founder company of Terex,® which remains a customer of Cummins today, retaining a link stretching back 90 years.

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Historical photo of the 104 Power Shovel
Cummins engine

The arrival of the compact QSF2.8 for Tier 4 Final renews the legacy of the historic Cummins “F” designation, as a 4-cylinder engine used in excavators.